6.15 Fence as a Safety
This section allows to you configure fence related parameters.
Configuration options are as below.
1.Fence Type: Select the type of fence you want to apply as a security to the drone flight. The options available are:
  • Altitude – This allows to setup altitude fence so that RPA will be within defined altitude.
  • Circular – This defines circular type of fence.
  • Polygon – This defines polygon type of geo fence.
Selecting a Fence Type
2. Fence Action – This allows you to set action on breach of fence. AeroGCS allows you to set either of the following actions:
  • RTL or Land: On the breach of fence, the drone will enter into either Return To Home or Return to Land whichever is closer and safer to land.
  • Report only: This option will provide the report of breach of the fence only. No action will be performed.
Fence Action
3. Fence Enable – This enables or disables fence to monitor and take action on breach of fence. If it is disabled, then RPA will not consider any fence. It is important to enable fence always.
4. Fence maximum Altitude – This is the maximum altitude then RPA should go. If this limit is crossed, then fence action should get activated. The user can set the Fence altitude as minimum of 10 and maximum of 1000 m.
10 -1000
5. Fence Margin – Distance that autopilots should maintain from the fence to avoid a breach. This is the safety margin of fence. The minimum allowed value for fence margin is 1 m whereas the maximum of 10 m is allowed.
6. Circular Fence Radius – Circle fence radius which when breached will cause an RTL. Here you can define maximum radius of a circular fence. The radius for circular fence may vary between 30 to 10000 m.
30 – 10000
7. Polygon Fence Total Points – Here you can define maximum polygon points a fence should consider. Maximum of 20 polygon fence points are allowed.
RPA Configuration -Fence
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