1 Getting Started

This section of documentation describes steps to start with AeroGCS KEA 2.3 software.

1.1 System Requirements

1.1.1 Hardware Requirements



x-64 based i3 7020U @2.4GHz or more preferred for 60-FPS velvet-smooth UI

x-64 based i5 @1.9GHz








Internal graphics

Intel or NVIDIA graphics of 1GB RAM




1.1.2 Windows Systems



Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, Linux-Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Windows 10 or Linux- Ubuntu18.04.3

Network Connectivity

LAN or Wifi

LAN or WiFi

Screen Resolution

1366x768 or


1366x768 with Landscape orientation

1.1.3 Android Systems






Herelink, Skydroid

With Android

Network Connectivity

USB Tethering or Wi-Fi

USB Tethering or Wi-Fi

Screen Resolution

720x1600 pixels or


720x1600 with Landscape orientation

1.2 Download Process

Windows Version: Download of the AeroGCS is available on the https://services.aeromegh.com/downloads/AeroGCS_KEA_v2.3_28_03_2023.exe website.

Android Version: Download of the AeroGCS is available on the https://services.aeromegh.com/downloads/AeroGCS_KEA_v2.3_Android.apk website

1.3 Installation and Configuration

Install AeroGCS for Windows Vista or later. Here is the process of Installation of AeroGCS.

i) First download the AeroGCS installer from the defined download location.

ii) Double click the executable to launch the installer.

iii) Once installer file is clicked launcher will be started as below

iv) After clicking Next, select the path of installation to be done.

For detailed procedure refer the video and follow the steps to download, install, and activate your account for AeroGCS.

Installation Process for Android Operating System

Before installing the Android version on your mobile make sure that your mobile is satisfying the system requirements. Following are the steps to install AeroGCS KEA on Android operating system:

  • First download the AeroGCS installer from the defined download location as shown in image.

  • Click on Download Now button.

  • The installer file will be downloaded with .apk extension.

  • Install the .apk file on your mobile phone. Follow the steps mentioned.

  • Enter the license key for activation.

Click on the "Get License Key" button to get license key.

Enter a valid email address to get an email.

  • Use the authentic credentials for activation of a license for AeroGCS KEA.

  • Open the email inbox for getting License key.

  • Copy the License key and paste here to activate the License.

Installation Process For Herelink HD Telemetry and Skydroid

Herelink is a combination of remote controller, ground station, and wireless digital transmission system that is designed to work with AeroGCS. Herelink provides the transmission of RC control, HD video, and telemetry data up to 20 kilometers between the ground station and the air unit. It is android based smart device with capacitive touch screen. Easy to use and highly integrated, high definition screen is equipped with Herelink.

For the setup and configuration of the Herelink RC control and radio system, Herelink includes a specialized system settings app. AeroGCS KEA supports the Herelink remote controller.

  • Click on download now button.

  • The file with .apk file extension will be downloaded to your device.

  • Now click on the respective file for installation.

  • Complete the installation process with the authentic credentials.

  • Use the license key for activation of the account for Herelink or Skydroid

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