6.4 Assigning Flight Modes

In Flight Modes (RPA Configuration >Flight Modes), Flight modes are controlled through the radio (via a transmitter switch), or using commands from AeroGCS.

When using Copter for the first time, you should typically progress through the flight modes in the order listed below, making sure that you are comfortable with each before moving on to the next.

Following flight modes:

  1. Stabilize Mode: Stabilize mode allows you to fly your vehicle manually, but self-levels the roll and pitch axis.

  2. Acro: Acro mode uses the RC sticks to control the angular velocity of the copter in each axis. Release the sticks and the vehicle will maintain its current attitude and will not return to level (attitude hold). Acro mode is useful for aerobatics such as flips or rolls, or FPV when smooth and fast control is desired.

  3. Altitude Hold: In altitude hold mode, Copter maintains a consistent altitude while allowing roll, pitch, and yaw to be controlled normally.

  4. Auto Mode: In Auto mode the copter will follow a pre-programmed mission script stored in the autopilot which is made up of navigation commands. AUTO mode incorporates the altitude control from AltHold mode and position control from Loiter mode.

  5. Guided Mode: Guided mode is a capability of Copter to dynamically guide the copter to a target location wirelessly using a telemetry radio module and ground station application.

  6. Loiter Mode: Loiter Mode automatically attempts to maintain the current location, heading and altitude.

  7. RTL Mode: RTL mode (Return to launch mode) navigates Copter from its current position to hover above the home position.

  8. Circle: Circle will orbit a point located CIRCLE_RADIUS centimeters in front of the vehicle with the nose of the vehicle pointed at the center.

  9. Land Mode: LAND Mode attempts to bring the copter straight down.

  10. Drift Mode: This page provides tips for flying in Drift Mode and methods for tuning your copter to fly optimally in Drift Mode.

  11. Sport Mode: Sport Mode is also known as “rate controlled stabilize” plus Altitude Hold.

  12. Flip Mode: Vehicle will flip on its roll or pitch axis depending upon the pilot’s roll and pitch stick position.

  13. AutoTune: In order to achieve the highest response with minimal overshoot, AutoTune makes an automatic adjustment to the Stabilize P, Rate P and D, and maximum rotational accelerations. Before attempting to use AutoTune, the copter must be "basically" flyable in AltHold mode, as the feature must be able to "twitch" the copter in the roll and pitch axes.

  14. PosHold Mode: It is similar to Loiter in that the vehicle maintains a constant location, heading, and altitude but is generally more popular because the pilot stick inputs directly control the vehicle’s lean angle providing a more “natural” feel.

  15. Brake Mode: This very simple flight mode simply stops the vehicle as soon as possible using the Loiter controller.

  16. Throw mode: This slightly dangerous flight mode allows the pilot to throw the vehicle into the air (or drop the vehicle) in order to start the motors.

  17. Avoid ADSB: AVOID_ADSB uses the output from the ADS-B sensor to try to steer clear of manned vehicles. This mode is automatically activated when avoidance is required based on various parameters. As soon as the threat has subsided, exit is also automatic.

  18. Guided NoGPS: Without a GPS (i.e., non-GPS navigation), Guided_NoGPS does not permit a vehicle to maintain position.

  19. Smart RTL Mode: When switched into Smart RTL, like regular RTL, the vehicle will attempt to return home.

  20. Flow Hold Mode: Flow Hold mode uses an optical flow sensor to hold position without the need for a GPS nor a downward facing Lidar.

  21. Follow: When switched into Follow, the vehicle will attempt to follow another vehicle (or anything publishing its position) at a specified offset.

  22. Zigzag mode: Zigzag mode is a semi-autonomous mode designed to make it easier for a pilot to fly a vehicle back and forth across a field which can be useful for crop spraying.

Flight ModePWM Range

Flight Mode 1

0 – 1230

Flight Mode 2

1231 – 2360

Flight Mode 3

1361 – 1490

Flight Mode 4

1491 – 1620

Flight Mode 5

1621 – 1749

Flight Mode 6

1750 +

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