6.14 Firmware Upgrade

Firmware Upgrade

Firmware is the software that is embedded in the hardware. Everything from flight inputs to energy management and everything in between is controlled by it. To enhance performance, correct bugs, and address security issues, manufacturers (OEMs) will from time to time deliver firmware updates. When updating firmware, please make sure you follow the OEM's guidelines.

Firmware upgrade is required to ensure the proper working of drones. It enhances the reliability of drones in failsafe, landing aspects, reducing the costly problems may arise.

This functionality is used for flashing the firmware for a drone. User can flash the firmware of a particular device by selecting the desired type of firmware. There are 2 types of flashing:

  • Automatic

  • Manual

Note: Upgrading the Firmware may be time-consuming. Stable connectivity of the internet is mandatory for upgrading the firmware.

Upgrade the firmware on receiving the respective notification from OEMs.

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