7. Live Tracking of Flight

AeroGCS Enterprise allows live tracking of a flight from AeroGCS KEA as well as AeroGCS GREEN. The user has to follow the steps mentioned here for implementing live tracking of a flight.

  • Open the project from AeroGCS KEA or GREEN.

  • Open an AeroGCS Enterprise to track a flight.

  • Select the "Drone Control" option from the left-hand menu bar of AeroGCS Enterprise as shown in the above image for live tracking.

  • Open AeroGCS KEA or GREEN for flying a drone with a command given as "Takeoff".

  • Once the takeoff command is given from GREEN or KEA then the user will be able to see the number of online drones other than '0' as shown in the image.

  • The user can track the path of a drone on the field as shown in the screen recording below.

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