7.12 Providing Fence

The fence is a geo-boundary under which a drone should fly. Once mission planning is completed then you need to create a fence. The fence should be always outside of the mission planning area. It must not overlap with the mission plan. If it overlaps the mission plan then RPA will not function properly. Therefore, it must be always outside the mission plan boundaries. When RPA sends permission requests to DGCA, the fence details are also sent to DGCA to seek permission. If permission is approved, then RPA can fly within the given fence area.

  1. The return point must be within the fence perimeter, which must be completely enclosed.

  2. This means it must have at least 4 points, with the last point being the same as the first.

  3. The boundary can have a maximum of 18 points.

You get the option to clear and redraw the fence. You can adjust the fenced area with the drag-and-drop method.

Addition and deletion of fence points are possible easily.

Flight Approval Process

During the flight approval process, the drone sends the geo-fence coordinates along with time to DGCA system for approval. In order to do this activity, the AeroGCS should have internet connection. During the transaction with DGCA following information is sent to DGCA,

a) UIN number of drone,

b) The digital signature

c) Geo-fence coordinates.

DGCA platform approves or denies the permission. If permission request is approved, then DGCA sends the Permission Artefact with permission parameters. Every permission artefact from DGCA has got an ID called Permission Artefact ID (PA ID). Since this PA ID is in encrypted format, it is requiring to decrypt it using the private key of autopilot. After decryption only, PA ID is available with RPA. If permission is granted, then AeroGCS allows to upload the mission plan to RPA. After clicking Upload button the mission is uploaded to the RPA.

Manual Fence

The new version of AeroGCS KEA supports for adding the manual fence to a plan. For adding manual fence, the user has to mark the fence points which are outside the plan and the altitude of these fence points should be more than the altitude of the points of a plan. This process is similar to adding fence points to waypoint mission plan. Now, this feature will be available for other mission plans also.

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