4.5 Use of an Existing Plan

4.5.1 Active Projects

This section helps you to manage your all active projects. Here all active projects are displayed. The project plan information is also displayed here. You can see how many flights in one project is completed and how many are remaining.

4.5.2 Planned Flights

Here you can see all the planned flights of a project. Under Planned flight section, list of all flights which are planned, is displayed. It displays the plan name, the approximate time to complete the flight plan and the altitude to achieve during the flight plan. You can open this plan

4.5.3 Open Existing Plan

You can open an existing plan and fly the RPA using the existing plan. It saves time to prepare a new plan. Existing plan is opened with all of its settings. When you want to fly existing plan, you need to get the permission once again from DGCA system. In order to fly the RPA, you need to connect the RPA. When it is successfully connected then you can go for seeking permission from the DGCA. Once you get the permission, then you can fly the RPA.

The user can select the existing plan for another purpose. Just select the project and plan from that project. You are allowed to select an offline plan as shown below. Click on the 'upload' button to use that plan for the flight. After uploading the plan now users can use the same plan for flights.

4.5.4 Resuming a Flight

When the existing plan is opened then the "Resume" remark will be indicated by 'R' mark on the plan as shown in the following image.

The following window popped up when selecting the existing plan to upload. The AeroGCS KEA 2.3 will prompt the user for confirmation to "Upload Resume Mission" or not. Selecting the "Yes" option will allow you to resume the earlier mission plan from the previous position.

This functionality will be useful in emergency cases such as replacing batteries, refilling the tanks of pesticides, insecticides, etc. for spraying. The mission plan has to be continued after the replacement of batteries, then this functionality is the best solution. It will reduce the time in planning and flying both.

The marked portion in the above image shows the earlier position of the drone to resume to fly.

The above image shows resuming of the flight from the previous position. Here the home position will get altered automatically when the drone is landed in between. So while resuming the flight the drone will start from this position instead of starting from the earlier position. Thus it reduces the time and duplications in the actions.

After completing the mission with this resume remark, the drone will land at the new home position instead of the starting position of the mission.

4.5.5 Add New Plans to Project

Under this section, you can add a new plan to a project.

To create a new plan just click on '+' sign in front of 'Plan' menu.

Follow the same procedure for creating a plan according to requirements of an application.

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