6 RPA Configuration

RPA configuration describes options for configuration of RPA.
RPA is a Remotely Piloted Aircraft. Therefore, it should work remotely and provide accurate results. Drones are controlled by the pilot through remote control associated with the drone.
  • The distance traveled by the drone, area covered by the drone can be easily calculated through the software. For calculating distances, we have to set the units. The setting of units is provided in this section.
  • The unit for speed of drone is also available in this section. The user has to select the appropriate units from the dropdown menu provided by AeroGCS.
  • The same section also provides the option to set the units of temperature.
  • In-flight voice assistance is also provided by AeroGCS. This is the feature that helps the drone to communicate with remote controller and the system connected. In flight messages are conveyed by drone.
The user should decide the units of distance to be covered by drone, area covered, speed of drone, temperature as per requirements.