4 Project

Allows creating a new project with all the details such as plan, flight type, mission, etc.

A Project is a collection of information required for handling the entire operations in any activities. To fly a drone safely and smoothly, a number of parameters, and settings are required to set at desired values. There should be a predefined plan and path for flying a drone. All these things are handled by the "Project" section.

The creation of a new project is an initial and required condition. No one can move forward without creating a project.

To Create New Project

Click on the '+' symbol --> Enter details --> Select Location --> Select flight type --> Set the fence and rally points (if required) --> Save the plan --> Fly the drone

This section provides the following options related to Project:

  1. Create a Project

  2. Set the Location for Flight

  3. Select a Flight Type

  4. Add a New Plan

  5. Use of an Existing Plan

  6. Edit the Plan

  7. Save Project

  8. Delete the Project

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