2. Creating a Project

AeroGCS KEA Enterprise provides various features such as business analytics, and performance analytics, cloud synchronization, and integration, team access.

For every flight of a drone, one should create the project first, and then a plan should be created. Hence, creating a project is the most important and first task in AeroGCS KEA Enterprise also.

The project can be created in two ways such as

  1. Through AeroGCS

  2. Through AeroGCS KEA Enterprise

Now, we will discuss both ways in detailed.

1. Project Creation Through AeroGCS

  • Open AeroGCS with authorized login credentials of the AeroGCS KEA Enterprise.

  • Register your drone as shown below.

  • Connect the drone through serial port connection through AeroGCS as shown below:

  • Drone is connected but it is not synchronized through cloud to AeroGCS KEA Enterprise which is shown below. The green marked icon from image below indicates that the drone is not synchronized. Click on this icon to synchronize.

  • After clicking on it, the metadata and other files will be synchronized. This process may take some time. Wait till the process is completed. The message will be displayed indicating that the synchronization process is completed.

Once the synchronization is done, the projects on the server can be synchronized. Due to this process, the files related to projects, on the server can be easily shared and utilized for processing. All the projects and plans can be shared very easily. Thus, optimization of memory is accomplished.

Cloud synchronization is indicated by a green marked icon in the above image.

Now, create a project and plan from AeroGCS in a regular way as discussed in the AeroGCS user manual. The user can create any type of flight plan like spraying, survey, waypoint, vertical, etc. After setting all the required parameters correctly, now the drone is ready to fly.

Open AeroGCS KEA Enterprise now. Select the "Projects" icon from the side drawer as shown below.

The list of Projects will be displayed from where the user can search a project name created in AeroGCS. Click on the project. Now click on the plan created.

The plan will be now available. Make sure that the correct plan is selected.

Select "Drone Control Center" menu from the side drawer of the AeroGCS Enterprise. No online drones will be available hence it will display "Online Drones 0". The user can't select any drone now.

Go to AeroGCS flyview. Give the "Take off" command from the side drawer menu. Now the drone will be armed and become ready to fly.

Once the drone is ready to fly, now the user can see that drone active in AeroGCS KEA Enterprise as shown below.

​Select the drone with the registered name. Now you will observe the drone flying according to flight plan.

Now the user can monitor the flight with parameters such as altitude, speed, and compass position along with yaw, roll, and pitch.

After completing the flight, the number of online drones available will be reduced by 1. All the logs will be created which can be used for further process.

2. Project Creation through AeroGCS KEA Enterprise:

  • Enter the name of the project for a new project.

  • Select the location for flying a drone. Select the drone from the drop-down menu as shown in the image.

  • After adding the drone and location, now add a plan details as shown in the image below.

  • Add details of a plan as mentioned below:

    • Name of Project: Enter the name of a project for creating a plan. One project may have number of plans created.

    • Plan name: Enter the valid name of the plan.

  • Select the flight type for a mission plan from the options displayed on the screen as shown.

  • Set the altitude in meters and speed in m/s. Click on the "Next" button to proceed.

According to the flight type selected add the waypoints or spray and survey plan requirements.

  • Save the plan to move further.

  • Now open AeroGCS for synchronization with cloud and actual flight. Connect the drone with serial port settings. Sync with the cloud.

  • Search for the project created in AeroGCS KEA Enterprise. Select the plan created.

  • Now set the drone to fly or "Take Off".

  • Select the "Online Drone" from the drone control center of AeroGCS KEA Enterprise.

  • Now the user is ready to view the flight on the map according to the plan created.

  • The values of parameters such as altitude, latitude, longitude, speed, yaw, roll, and pitch are displayed on the screen as shown in the image below:

  • After completing the mission plan all types of logs will be ready for further processing.

Drone Control Center:

This is the control center from where the user can control the drone. Live details such as changes in speed, altitude, and other parameters can be monitored through this. Live tracking of the drone becomes easier with the help of the drone control center.

If more than one drones are active then the user can select and monitor the live details of any particular drone by selecting it.

Live tracking of a flight can be observed through this feature. For observing the flight in Enterprise following steps are to be followed:

  • Open the project for the flight. The user can open a project from either AeroGCS KEA or AeroGCS GREEN.

  • The manager may open AeroGCS Enterprise to observe a flight from the office.

  • Open the drone control center to observe the flight. There will be no drone shown before the takeoff command. Therefore, the number of online drones will be shown as '0'.

  • Give takeoff command to the drone to fly on the field. Now

  • Now, the online drones available will be shown as other than '0' as per the availability of drones.

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