AeroGCS KEA Enterprise

AeroGCS KEA Enterprise has a unique feature that enables the project manager to assign and monitor tasks to the respective pilot’s assigned for different projects. Flights can be monitored remotely, anytime-anywhere. This enables teamwork and collaboration of the same from different areas. This function increases operational efficiency resulting in giving out better results as a team.

Business analytics is another feature of AeroGCS KEA Enterprise. Business analytics is the process of using quantitative methods to derive meaning from data in order to make informed business decisions. Business Analytics is a powerful tool in today’s marketplace. Across industries, Business Analytics is used to boost process, and cost efficiency. This tool helps to monitor and improve financial performance. Business Analytics helps in the overall operations of the Business. The business intelligence report is the primary necessity for operational efficiency when a team works with multiple projects and multiple flights and also in remote areas. The business intelligence gives daily insights into flights and understands how much business is generated every day by overall drone services. This helps drone service providers to manage resources in better ways and improve the overall organization’s efficiency to generate more revenue at the same cost.

AeroGCS KEA Enterprise edition allows you to monitor all live flights from the comfort of your own office. You can view where all of the drones are flying and what their current flying conditions are.

AeroGCS KEA Enterprise allows you to sync projects, flight plans, and flight records to the cloud. This makes it easier to save projects and provides a continuous backup so you don't miss anything. Project synchronization occurs automatically, removing the need for manual intervention.

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