9. LiveStream

AeroStream feature provides the facility of live streaming of the remote flight.

As a service provider, your business may spread across different geographic locations. Your team might be flying drones across various states and countries. In such a case, as operation management, you always want to know the current situation of drone flights. With the AeroGCS KEA Enterprise edition, you can monitor all live flights from your own office. You can see where all drones are flying and what is their current flying situation. Not only, current flying but also past flights you can check with ‘Replay of Flight’ so that you understand the overall performance of your drone.

The image below shows the dashboard of AeroStream which includes recent videos of streaming of drone cameras, and the services provided by AeroStream like My Requests, Received Requests, My Videos, and Micro CRM.

My Requests

To check the live streaming of the flight, the user will raise the request to the server.

The user can see all requests or any specific requests such as "Open Requests", "Received Requests", "In Progress Requests", etc. with the drop-down menu as shown in the image below:

The details of the request will be displayed by clicking on that particular request.

It shows all the details of the request created such as name, address, date, and time scheduled. It also shows the live streaming video and actual flight on the map. You can zoom in and zoom out the map to check the particulars of the flight. This will be useful for controlling the drone from a remote place or from the office. This feature is useful to work with a team. The monitoring of the flight becomes easy remotely also.

All the requests created by the particular user will be stored on the server. The list of all such requests is displayed here for the respective user.

The user can create a new request by clicking on the "Create New Request" button. After creating a new request, a form will appear on the screen. The user has to fill the form correctly with all the required information. You can set the date and time of streaming as well as the location, address, and pilot who is operating the drone on the site. The form looks like the image below:

Received Requests:

The list of all the received requests from the authorized drone pilots will be displayed on the screen.

The details of the request will be displayed by clicking on any of the requests received. The image below shows the details of the request such as the title of request, scheduled time, and date along with the details of the customer such as the name and email address of the customer as shown in the image.

My Videos:

The drones are carrying the cameras for capturing photos. Drones are also used for surveillance purposes. For this, the drone should be able to capture live situations. These live situations are stored in the form of videos which we can observe through the "My videos" option from the AeroStream dashboard.

Select any one required video from the available list. You can download any particular video from the cloud to your local system. Also, you can share any video with other authorized users for information or processing. You can delete any video if it is unwanted.

Micro CRM

This is a customer-oriented functionality. This is Customer Relationship Management where we connect and accept the request of the customer and serve them with live streaming. This provides the details of customers or all pilots. The details include name, email address, and phone number as shown. This feature also gives the list of pending invites. You can invite the customer by clicking the "invite" button.

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