3. Managing a Team

This is another powerful tool of AeroGCS Enterprise.

AeroGCS KEA Enterprise has a unique feature that enables the project manager to assign and monitor tasks to the respective pilot’s assigned for different projects. Flights can be monitored remotely, anytime-anywhere. This enables teamwork and collaboration of the same from different areas. This function increases operational efficiency resulting in giving out better results as a team. Collaboration in any task is a sign of effective team as it harnesses the best out of two or more individuals working together.

3.1 Managing Team with AeroGCS KEA

There are two types of roles in a team. One is a "user" and the other is a "manager". A manager is holding the authority to delegate the permissions to the user. The user here will be assisting the manager. Any user may be a manager and any manager may be a user. Any user may be a user and a manager at a time with different tasks. The same is with a manager.

The manager will decide the priority and permissions to be given to the user. The manager will manage the entire access of a team.

The manager will invite the user with email and credentials to join the team. The user has to accept the invitation and join the team. The manager may add a number of users according to the requirement of the application. To invite the team member click on the "Teams" option available on the side drawer.

After accepting the invitation, the user has to signup with an AeroMegh account. Once signed up, now the user will get an account activation link in his email account.

By Collaborating, the team members know individually assigned tasks and it maintains the harmony amongst team members.

The user should log in with the credentials of the AeroMegh account from AeroGCS. Then the process of synchronizing with the 'manager' should be carried out by the user.

The user is able to manage the drone operations like no before with team collaboration, intuitive flight logs, streaming, and integration, and a lot more using AeroGCS Enterprise.

Once the user has accepted and login properly, then the status of that particular user will be displayed as "Active" as shown below. Now, that particular user is ready to work with a team.

The manager will decide the permissions to be given. The manager can give access as an operator, manager, viewer, and guest as shown in the image below.

The user can have a list of projects or plans which are shared with him by the manager.

If the user has access as a viewer, then he will be able to view only the plans and plots. No edition or deletion is allowed on the plan and plot.

The user will be able to see the flight. He is not allowed to make changes in the flight plan or any other actions.

If the manager doesn't want to give permissions to a specific user, he can delete that particular user as shown in the image below:

3.2 Team Management with other Member

The projects created in AeroGCS Enterprise can be shared with the team members by inviting the team members. These projects may be created in AeroGCS Enterprise or in AeroGCS KEA. Therefore, this feature provides flexibility to the user to save time and space. Project based sharing with a team member is possible.

  • Invite the member through his email address.

  • Accept the invitation to work as a team member.

  • The owner or "Manager" will assign the role to a team member. Four types of roles can be assigned as follows:

    • Manager: Manager can create imagesets, data required for a project but cannot delete the data.

    • Operator: Operator can edit the images and data of the project.

    • Viewer: View only access is given to the viewer.

    • Guest: Guest can share and download data.

  • The owner will decide the role to be assigned to the team member according to the requirement of the project.

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