7.8 KML Spraying

An XML-based format called Keyhole Markup Language (KML) is used to store geographic information and related material. Access to the most recent geographic data is essential due to the ongoing change in land use. It is becoming increasingly important to be able to access a KML file on both desktop and mobile devices when comparing the many flight planning software solutions. This helps drone pilots by providing them with the most pertinent information to ensure a mission is completed effectively and without expensive mistakes.

AeroGCS KEA 2.3 allow the user to import a KML file for the spraying plan. Select the mission plan as KML spraying as shown in the following image.

Select the appropriate '.kml' file from your computer as shown.

The plan will be opened on Google map. Adjust the settings according to the requirements.

Set turnaround distance, spraying speed, spray rate, and spacing if required. Add rally points to provide additional safety points.

The user can add an obstacle plan to avoid spraying in the known area to protect that particular area. The user can plan a single or multiple obstacle plan as shown in the image.

The user can proceed with flying a drone on a specific location.

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