7.9 Circular Plan

With the vehicle's nose positioned at the center, a device will revolve with the radius defined. The radius should be any non-zero value for smooth flight. Waypoints are located on circular path. This function generates a circular survey. A survey is a collection of evenly spaced waypoints that allow a camera to take overlapping photos of the survey area. This does not necessitate the use of a drawn polygon.

To create a circle plan select a mission plan as circle. Then proceed with setting of various parameters as follows:

  • Set altitude mode to "Relative" mode. You can set this mode to "Terrain" mode in which the altitude of a drone will be adjusted automatically depending on the geographic situation.

  • Set the altitude and speed of the drone.

  • Set the radius for the circular path for a flight.

  • Click "Next" to set the other parameters.

  • As shown in the above image, the circular plan will be created with the radius defined.

  • Waypoints will be automatically located on the radius of the circle.

The other parameters which are to be set are as follows:

  • Center Latitude and Longitude: These values will be updated automatically based on the radius defined for a circle.

  • Center radius: The defined radius will be displayed in this window.

  • First Point Angle: The angle of the first waypoint on the circle. By default it should be 0.

  • Altitude: Select the proper altitude for capturing clear and sharp images with good quality.

  • Clockwise or Anticlockwise: Determines the movement of the drone in clockwise or anticlockwise on the radius of the circle.

  • Mission Distance: The total distance to be travelled will be displayed in this option.

  • Mission Time: The total time taken by the mission will be displayed in this window. The time calculation will be done based on the speed of the drone and the total distance to be travelled.

  • Add Rally: This is an additional security provided for landing the drone safely and smoothly.

  • Fence: Mark the points for providing the fence to the drone. It is mandatory to all the types of flight plans.

  • The user can clear any specific fencing point or all the fencing points added by selecting "Clear" or "Clear All" button respectively.

  • Otherwise "Save" the plan and proceed for a flight.

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