10 Team Access Management

This section describes the involvement of and delegation of access to team members in the process.

This feature is available in AeroMegh Services that provides the flexibility to work in a team collaboratively.

Teams feature is used for managing the access of plans to the user according to the manager’s requirement. If the manager wants to give access to a particular plan to a specific user, then he/she can give it from his/her account. Users can also give access like create, read, edit and delete plan/plans. The member can log in from his/her account and can see the projects/plans according to the access which is given to him/her.

For the team management feature in AeroGCS KEA, the user has to synchronize through a cloud. All the files of AeroGCS KEA will be synchronized with AeroGCS Enterprise.

Select the "Teams" option from the home menu as shown in the following image.

The manager should invite the team member through the invitation by using the authenticate email address from AeroGCS Enterprise.

The manager assigns the access to the particular users as follows:

If the user is not having access to delete or edit the plan then popup window will appear to prompt accordingly.

The Manager will decide on the user for the deletion of access to the flight plan. The manager will also decide the priority assigned to the users. If the user has read access he can only observe the flight and data regarding the flight. If the access is given as delete and edit, then the user can do a few modifications to the plan. This feature is useful to control flights from remote places.

Refer the https://aerogcs-docs.aeromegh.com/2.-aerogcs-kea-enterprise/2.3-managing-a-team for more details of Teams Access Management.

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