12 Special Features

VTOL: Now VTOL support is added in KEA v2.3
VTOL Support
Signed Logs: Signed logs are available now to secure the flight related logs.
Signed Logs
Bin File log download: Flight logs can be downloaded in bin format.
Bin File log download
Joystick Support: Joystick can be configured using KEA v2.3. All the modes like RTL, brake, loiter, land can be set using joystick.
Joystick Support
Parameter File Import/Export: Users can import/Export a parameter file, except for critical parameters.
Parameter File Import/Export
Obstacle Avoidance: Multiple obstacles can be avoided using KEA now.
Obstacle Avoidance
RSSI on Fly view: RSSI, or “Received Signal Strength Indicator,” is a measurement of how well your device can hear a signal from an access point.
RSSI on Fly view
Vibrations on the fly view: Vibrations of drone can be seen on fly view itself.
Vibrations on the fly view
Current reading on Fly view: Live current details can be seen during the flight.
Current reading on Fly view
Import export KML of specific plan: KML import/export option of survey and spraying plan is available.
In this feature user can set the link loss time as per user’s choice. In communication link settings under advanced button user can see the disconnection time feature. User can set the value in seconds so that after setting the value the AeroGCS will check the connectivity of the device for that particular time and if no heartbeats are received then user will get a popup of port disconnected.
Link Loss

Directional Arrow

User can see the direction of the plan that the drone will follow. User can see the direction of each polyline and can know that in which direction the drone is going to fly.
Directional Arrow

Plan Continuation

In this feature user can continue the plan from the last point where the drone took RTL or land. In some conditions, the drone is not able to complete the flight due to a lack of battery or some failsafe. In that case, when we click on the resume button the drone will take off and start the flight from the last point where it took RTL or land.
Plan Continuation