12 Special Features

12.1 Drone Registration

Under this feature user can register the device on his/her account with the desired name. User can give name to the device according to the requirement. User can see the drone ID, firmware version and drone name of the device. After saving the device will be registered to the server and user can see logs related to the device in the notifications.
Drone Registration
In this feature user can set the link loss time as per user’s choice. In communication link settings under advanced button user can see the disconnection time feature. User can set the value in seconds so that after setting the value the AeroGCS will check the connectivity of the device for that particular time and if no heartbeats are received then user will get a popup of port disconnected.
Link Loss

12.3 Directional Arrow

User can see the direction of the plan that the drone will follow. User can see the direction of each polyline and can know that in which direction the drone is going to fly.
Directional Arrow

12.4 Real-time Camera Feedback

User can see the camera trigger image on the plan when the flight is in progress. When the flight is moving safely and following the plan user can see where the camera is triggered during the flight with an image of camera on it. This feature is available for survey, spraying, vertical planning and corridor planning.
Real Time Camera Feedbac5

12.5 Plan Continuation

In this feature user can continue the plan from the last point where the drone took RTL or land. In some conditions, the drone is not able to complete the flight due to a lack of battery or some failsafe. In that case, when we click on the resume button the drone will take off and start the flight from the last point where it took RTL or land.
Plan Continuation
Herelink is a remote controller, ground station, and wireless digital transmission system designed to be used with Autopilot, Ardupilot, or PX4 flight controllers. The Herelink remote controller supports AeroGCS. Herelink allows RC control, HD video, and telemetry data to be transmitted up to 20km between the ground station and the air unit. For the setup and configuration of the Herelink RC control and radio system, Herelink includes a specialized system settings app. Features of Herelink are as follows:
  • Android-based smart device with 5.46 inch 1080P capacitive touch screen.
  • Integrated digital transmission system simultaneously transmitting video, telemetry, and control.
  • Dual hall effect self-centering gimbals with removable sticks
  • RC gimbal control on dedicated service
  • Tether and share video and telemetry via wifi ground station
Herelink provides HD Telemetry compatible with live video streaming support. By using herelink, the user can observe all the activities on his mobile.
Herelink with AeroGCS

Camera Live Streaming

Live streaming feed is possible with the help of herelink. Downloading of the feed is also possible through AeroMegh account.