4. Drone Lease

AeroGCS Enterprise provides a Drone Lease facility to customers.

The main benefit of drone leasing is that it increases the accessibility of cutting-edge technology for companies of all sizes. This reduces the immediate cost of the drone and any additional payloads, allowing you to finish the scheduled work without having to worry about financing it right away.

The above image shows the various options related to Drone Lease. It contains details such as the number of customers using this facility with their details, drones that are used for Lease, and invoices.

To view the lease details, just click on the "View All" button in the Lease section. To add a new lease click on "+" and add a new Lease entity. Similarly, the user can see all the details of customers, and invoices by clicking on the "View All" button present in the respective section.

4.1 Add Drone on Lease

Enter the required details to add a drone to the lease. It includes following points:

  • Selection of Customer: select the respective customer from a dropdown list

  • Select Drone: Select the appropriate drone from the dropdown list

  • Start Date: Select the starting date for leasing a drone

  • End Date: Select the end date for leasing a drone

Start date and end date indicates the period of leasing a drone. It may vary according to the requirement of the drone application. Based on the period of the lease the invoice will be raised.

4.2 Add Customer

Using this option you can add the customer. To add a customer the following details are required:

  • Name: Enter the name of a customer.

  • Contact number: Enter either the concerned customer's mobile number or any other contact number.

  • Address: Enter the address of the customer.

  • Email address: Enter the valid email address of the customer.

  • GST number: Enter the GST number of the concerned customer.

  • Government Id Number: Enter either your PAN card number or Aadhar Card number.

  • Pilot License Id: Enter a valid pilot license number.

After entering the essential information click on the "Save" button to save the information of the concerned customer.

After adding a customer you can see the details of the specific customer by clicking on the name of the customer.

Clicking on the drone id you will get the details of the drone on lease as shown in the following image.

Details of the Customer can be checked by clicking on the customer name in the window. It will show the details of a specific customer.

This section gives details of registered drones involved in leasing. Click on the "View All" button to see the details as shown in the image below.

4.3 Registered Drones

The list and details of all the registered drones for lease are displayed under this option. By clicking on the "Drone id" all the details related to that particular drone will be displayed.

Select a toggle button called "Lease a Drone" to add the selected drone to the lease.

4.4 All Lease

This option provides the list of customers who opted for a drone on lease.

4.5 Edit the user

The restricted information related to the customer can be modified such as the start date and end date for Drone Lease as shown in the image below:

Always end date should be greater than the start date. In edit option you can just change the dates and no any other data is allowed to modify.

By clicking on the name of the customer you will get details as shown in the following image.

4.6 Invoice

When you click on “Invoice” to get the details of the invoice generated for that specific user.

You can share, download, print and delete the invoice. Also, you can “Mark Paid” if payment is done. Once it is “Marked Paid” it will be reflected to the dashboard.

The invoice generated can be shared with the mail address of the customer.

The invoice will be downloaded in .pdf format which can be utilized for further use.

4.7 Delete Customer

Select the particular customer to delete from the list.

Once the customer is deleted, the data related to the lease, and invoice will be deleted. Therefore, before deleting the customer make sure for all these particulars and then delete it. By clicking the “Yes” button the specified customer will be deleted.

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