4.6 Edit the Plan

Sometimes, it is required to edit the parameters or change the information which may be mistakenly entered. Editing allows us to do the modifications as per the requirements.

Following are the steps for editing the plan:

  1. Select the respective project.

  2. Search and select the plan which you want to edit.

  3. Three dots available on the right side of the project names in the project list gives access to edit the plan. Click on three dots and select the "Edit Plan" option from the popped list.

On the selection of this option, you can edit the plan in terms of all the required parameters. The user can keep the earlier parameter as it is. You can just verify the parameters entered by you earlier.

When the existing plan is opened for modifications then it becomes 'Planned Flight' now which is shown in the following image.

Adding and removing the waypoints is possible in editing the plan. Add the waypoints by clicking on the plan. Even the user can change the positions of the waypoints just by selecting the particular waypoint and dragging it to the desired position.

To delete the waypoint, first select the waypoint then click on the "Clear" button. The selected waypoint will be deleted. Click on "Yes" to delete the selected waypoint.

The longitude and latitude of the fencing points can be altered by changing the locations of the fencing points as shown in the following image. Here fence point 4 is altered. (See the earlier image for reference.) The selected point is indicated by green color. The user may change the position of the selected point as well as delete that point.

If all the waypoints are to be deleted, then click on the "Clear All" button. All the waypoints will be erased and you can draw a new waypoints.

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