5.1 Revenue

Click on the "Revenue" tab to get more details about the revenue generated. The new window gets opened as shown in the following image.

Revenue trend during the selected period will be displayed on the screen with all the required labels.

The user will be able to see week-wise, month-wise or year-wise revenue generated by selecting the appropriate time period.

The above image shows the month-wise report of revenue generated. Also, the list and details of projects are displayed on the screen.

Select the customer from the list and you will get the details of the selected customer. The report details include Customer Name, Project Name, Flight Time, Amount, Pesticide, Crop Type, Plan Name, Area, Created Date, and Spray Volume on the right-hand side of the screen.

The user can change the duration for which the list of reports is to be displayed by changing the "From" and "To" dates.

Revenue Trend

The dashboard of GREEN-E shows the revenue trend. The user can change the period of showing the trend of the revenue as weekly, monthly, and yearly and observe the trend and take some decisions if required.

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