6.13 Advanced Settings

This is an exhaustive list of the parameters that can be configured to regulate vehicle behavior. They are saved in the vehicle's persistent storage. This list is created automatically from the source code and may contain parameters that are not yet in the stable released versions of the code.

Safety checks like RC Loss, Geofence Violation, and other checks, attitude triggers, and other failure detector checks, or a command from a ground station may cause flight termination and, consequently, parachute deployment. During flight termination, PWM outputs will be set to "failsafe" values. Failsafe values turn off motors but can be used to turn on/trigger the parachute. A command to activate the parachute will be sent if it is connected and functioning properly.

This tab will allow observing and altering (if required) the values set for different parameters with details like value, range, option, description, etc., as shown below.

6.13.1 Browse

AeroGCS KEA 2.3 allows the user to import the parameters from an existing '.param' file by clicking on the "Browse" button. Select the required .param file from your local computer to open and use it.

6.13.2 Export

If these parameters and settings are to be shared or export to another user, then the user can click on the "Export" button.

The location of the file is mentioned in the dialog box popped up on the screen. Press "Ok" button to proceed. The .param file will be downloaded that can be easily read by the user.

6.13.3 Search Parameter

Type a specific parameter in the window mentioned for searching a parameter. The list of parameters matching the string mentioned in the search window will be displayed on the screen from which the user can select a particular parameter. If the user wants to modify the value of that parameter, then just click on the parameter and change the value and update it. The changed value should be updated by clicking on "Update" button.

After observing the values of the parameters set if the user finds some corrections in the values of specific parameters, he can change these values from respective sections. Sometimes few parameters need some changes.

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