7.11 Adding Rally Points

This section will elaborate on adding the safety points to the flight plan.

Normally, when a drone enters Return to Launch (RTL) mode, it returns to the Home point. This isn't always possible. For example, the area could be a crowded environment with assets, and an RTL system could be in a state that necessitates extreme precautions! It's also possible that the flight plan is so large that returning to the point of departure is undesirable if the aircraft enters RTL mode.

The list of home points on the mission plan is known as Rally Points. The drone will be directed to the closest rally point if the failsafe mode is activated. Instead of having a single home position, it enables the operator to set up a number of emergency landing locations along the flight path.

The user can add the rally point to any of the flight types. These are the points located randomly on the flight plan by the user. The violet-colored points in the following picture show the rally points added.

The following points are to be considered before setting the rally points:

  1. It is highly recommended to set all the rally points inside the fence only.

  2. Altitudes of the rally points should be sufficiently high enough to clear terrain and buildings.

  3. The maximum number of allowed rally points is 6.

Note: Make sure that the altitudes of Rally Point are high enough to clear terrain and buildings.

The rally points can be added, edited, and deleted in a similar way as the waypoints. The user can add, edit and delete the rally points on a plan. The procedure to handle the rally points is follows:

  • Adding the Rally points to a plan: The user can add rally point just by clicking at the particular locations on the plan and inside the fence. Remember that the maximum rally points are 6.

  • Editing the Position of Rally Points: If the user wants to change the position of the rally point on the plan, then follow the steps:

    • enable "Add Rally" option from the menu on right-hand side of the screen.

    • select the rally point that is to be edited.

    • now drag the rally point at the desired location.

  • Deleting the Rally Points: The user can remove the rally points if not needed. The procedure to delete a rally point is:

    • Enable the "Add Rally" option from the menu on right-hand side of the screen.

    • Select the rally point that is to be deleted.

    • Press the "Delete" button from the keyboard.

    • Confirmation message will be popped up on the screen. Press "Yes" if you are sure to delete a rally point.

    • The selected rally point will be deleted if "yes" button is pressed.

Save the plan with modifications and proceed for the flight. The entire procedure to modify the plan and rally points is described in the following recording.

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