4.1 Create Project

For creating a new project click on the '+' symbol present on the dashboard near to project. This tab allows us to create a new project with project details such as Project name, client name, and Plan name.

Project creation requires you to enter three different data fields.

a) Project Name: This is the name of the project. Any alphabet with up to 50 characters long can be entered as the project name.

b) Plan Name: This is the plan name. You can define a proper plan name. For example, Field01 can be a plan name. This will be a character input of up to ten characters.

A newly created project may contain several plans with different types of vehicles and flight types. Plan can be created in offline mode also. Plans created in offline mode can be synchronized with the cloud so that the user can retrieve them whenever it's required. The user can create a number of plans with different vehicle types and flight types respectively.

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