4.3 Flight Type

Select the proper flight type as an AeroGCS KEA 2.3 mission for the flight. The mission planning method involves creating a flight plan for every Drone available to guarantee that the maximum number of locations are recognized while keeping in mind their significance as indicated by the priority. Different flight types are available such as waypoint, survey, spraying, etc. Select any one at a time and move further to complete a plan.

The user can set up a collection of points that define a plan or path for the UAV to follow or manually control the drone using these devices. They use conventional map technologies like Google Maps and provide a 2D view. In both circumstances, the application allows you to build a flight plan and have it instantly uploaded to a drone for a flight.

The objectives of choosing the right mission plan are:

  • Choose the shortest paths for the mission, to reduce fuel consumption.

  • Reduce the possibility of losing UAV.

  • Ensure that the mission can be finished when there are no additional threats to the UAVs.

For more details on flight types refer to the next section titled "Flight Types".

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