6.10 Managing a Battery
This section allows you to configure power-related safety parameters. Normally, the power source used in drones is batteries which will supply sufficient voltage and current.
Configuration options are as below.
  • Battery Monitor – Configure the battery monitoring method.
RPA Configuration -Power
Power settings of the battery can be monitored with analog voltage and current as well as analog voltage only as shown in the image.
Monitoring Battery
  • Battery Capacity – allow to set the battery maximum in terms of power capacity.
Power Settings
  • Minimum Arming Voltage – sets the minimum voltage to start giving an alarm about battery.
  • Power Sensor – select the power sensors of the RPA device.
Selection of Power Sensors
The user may select any one from the given options from the dropdown menu. Normally, the option selected is "Other" if not sure about the other options.
  • Voltage Multiplier - This is used for calculating and determining the threshold values of voltage. Firstly, measure the voltage of batteries with external voltmeter and enter it in the "Measured Voltage" window and then click on the "Calculate" button for calculating the voltage multiplier. The voltage multiplier factor will be calculated which is used for further processing and decision making.
Voltage Multiplier
Calculating Voltage Multiplier
Similarly, Amps per voltage value will be calculated.
Calculation of Amps per Volt
  • After calculating all these values and setting the battery monitor mode, etc. now the user can update the data by pressing "Update" button.
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