5. Project
Allows creating a new project with all the details such as plan, flight type, mission, etc.
To Create new Project
Click on '+' symbol --> Enter details --> Select Location --> Select flight type

5.1 Create Project

For creating a new project click on the '+' symbol present on the dashboard near to project. This tab allows us to create a new project with project details such as Project name, client name, and Plan name.
Create new Project
Entering details of Project
Project creation requires you to enter three different data fields.
a) Project Name: This is the name of the project. Any alphabet with up to 50 characters long can be entered as the project name.
b) Client Name: This is the name of the client for whom the project is being done. The client name can be of alphabet characters up to 50 characters.
c) Plan Name: This is the plan name. You can define a proper plan name. For example, Field01 can be a plan name. This will be a character input of up to ten characters.
A newly created project may contain several plans with different types of vehicles and flight types. Plan can be created in offline mode also. Plans created in offline mode can be synchronized with the cloud so that the user can retrieve them whenever it's required. The user can create a number of plans with different vehicle types and flight types respectively.

5.2 Search Location

After setting the details of the project, select the location where you want to fly the drone on Google Maps. Select the current location if no specific location is expected. Press the next button to proceed.
Search Location for a project

5.3 Flight Type

Selects the proper flight type as an AeroGCS mission for the flight. Different flight types are available such as waypoint, survey, spraying, etc. Select any one at a time and move further to complete a plan.
Flight Type
For more details on flight types refer to the next section titled as "Flight Types".

5.4 Add a New Plan

To add the new plan to the existing project click on the project to which you want to add the new plan. Then the screen will be displayed as below:
Adding a Plan to a project
Create a new plan by clicking on the '+' . Give the proper plan name. Now, this page will allow only to change of the plan name. Any alterations are not allowed in the name of the project name and client name.
Adding a new plan to an existing Project
After setting the plan name, repeat the process of creating a project with all the steps. A number of plans can be added in this manner
Project with different mission types
Note: Creation of a number of plans with different flight types is allowed. One plan one flight type.

5.5 Use of an existing Plan

The user can select the existing plan for another purpose. Just select the project and plan from that project. You are allowed to select an offline plan as shown below. Click on the 'upload' button to use that plan for the flight. After uploading the plan now users can use the same plan for flights.
Selecting offline project

5.6 Edit the Plan

Three dots available on the right side of the project names in the project list gives access to edit the plan. Once selected this option, you can edit the plan in terms of all the required parameters. If you want to keep the earlier parameter let it be as it is. You can just verify the parameters entered by you earlier.
When the existing plan is opened for modifications then it becomes 'Planned Flight' now.
Editing the plan

5.7 Save Project

You can save the changes made by clicking on the 'save' button.
Save the modified plan
This feature provides the advantage to use the same plan for various purposes. No need to create a new plan and project every time.

5.8 Delete the Project

The user can delete the plan as well as the project from the project list. Click on the three dots displayed on the right side of the project name on the dashboard. Select the 'delete project' option to delete the entire project. The same procedure can be repeated for the plan.
Delete a Project
To delete a plan from a project, open the selected project then select the plan present in the project. Click on the three dots displayed on the right side of the plan name. Select the 'delete plan' option.
Delete a Plan
Popup will appear for verifying whether to delete the selected project or plan. Press yes to confirm deletion of project or plan. Once the project is deleted you cannot retrieve it. Be careful with the deletion process.
Confirmation before Deletion
Warning: Once the project is deleted you cannot retrieve it. Be careful with the deletion process.