7.3 Plan for Spraying
Farmers can use spraying drones to speed up and automate tedious tasks. This technology allows critical components of precision farming to occur around the clock.
Spraying Plan
The spraying plan allows the user to set various parameters for smooth operation. These parameters are discussed as follows:
  • Spraying trigger: trigger the sprayer at a distance.
  • Cross Grid: It allows to cover maximum points on the grid. The spraying distance and spraying time will be increased on the selection of cross-grid.
  • Spacing: Adjust the spacing between two polylines.
  • Altitude: Set the Mission altitude at a required height to minimize the spray drift.
  • Spraying speed: sets the minimum vehicle speed (in cm/s) at which the pump will operate. Default is 100 meaning the pump will begin when the vehicle is traveling at or above 1m/s.
  • Pump Rate: controls the pump rate (expressed as a percentage) when the vehicle is traveling at 1m/s. By default, this is 10%. The pump rate increases linearly with the vehicle speed meaning by default the pump will reach 100% at 10m/s.
Parameters for Spraying Plan
  • Turnaround distance: Distance increases at the corner of polygon.
  • Turnaround Angle: Polylines are turned by this angle.
  • Spraying area: display the total calculated spraying area.
  • Spraying spot: total spot where sprayer will enable.
  • Spraying distance: The total distance covered by a drone for spraying. It will increase on selecting the cross-grid option.
  • Spraying Time: The total time required for spraying the selected area is known as Spraying Time. The spraying time for cross-grid will be more as the drone has to move on the longer distance.
  • Continuous Spraying: It is used for continuous spraying. There will be no time interval introduced if it is enabled.
  • Optimize Spraying: The utilization of pesticide or liquid will be monitored to optimize the spraying and thus improve the performance and efficiency of a drone.
Completed flight on Spraying Plan
  • Add Rally points: These are points that introduce the additional security for landing the drone. The user may enable or disable this option.
Fence: It is mandatory to provide the fence for every plan. So, after setting all these parameters, the user has to mark the fence points and then save the plan and move further for flying the drone.
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